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Geometry 15L/30L Smart Temperature Control AI Fish Tank Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality Efficient Filtration APP Controls

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-Making Fish Farming So Easy. A Fish Tank That is Easy To Operate
It’s not hard to be a fish farmer, what you need is an smart AI fish tank, automatic feeding intelligent temperature control, efficient filtering, APP control good technology is not as good as good equipment, easy to operate.
-Hire A Fish Butler. Make The Fish Grow Up To Take Of It While You’re Away On Buiness
Exploration Edition(15L):Automatic feeding, tempera ture control drainage of the intelligent fish housekeeper.
Amphibious Edition(30L):Ecological flower plate allows you to enjoy the flowers & fish the super size brings the visual enjoyment.
-Modular Joint Design. More Convenient Maintenance
The fish tank uses a modular design, the different functional modules to put together in a way, there is no need to replace the whole failure, signle-component repair can, in the future will be developed a series of upgraded parts convenient fish tank replacement.
-Regular & Quantitative Automatic Feeding So That The Fish Can Eat On Time To Relieve The Stress Of A Busy Life
The much-anticipated automatic feeding fish tank has finally arrived, adopt the automatic feeding technology, connect the rice home APP one-button control, equipped with highly sensitive module, APP controls 0 latency.
-Instant Temperature Display. Accurate To 1℃ Intelligent Temperature Control Gives The Fish The Most Comfortable Feeling
With the real-time temperature monitoring, equipped with intelligent temperature control system, can provide a comfortable temperature for different types of fish, from tropcial fish to cold water fish, a fish tank take you around the world’s oceans beautiful.
-Four Stage Filtration System. Three Stage Oxygen Regulation.
No Need To Change The Water Frequently. Enjoy The Exquisite Life
Using multiple filtration system, biochemical filter plate and Quartz nitrifying bacteria house, layer upon layer purification, the effect is more powerful, but also according to the number of fish oxygen control, give you the simplest fish life

Let The Fish Tank Remind You When To Change The Water. Real Time Monitoring Of Water Quality, So You Do Not Worry About Anymore
Not sure when to change the water in the aquarium Water quality is monitored by TDS sensors. Mika APP reminds you to change the water. To keep the fish healthy.
-One Button Drainage. No Need To Fish Up Can Easily Change The Water
Please press the button, can be 4/3 of the water tank out to avoid the traditional cumbersome water change process no longer add for you.
-MIJIA APP Remote One Button Operation. Multi Functional Integration
The fish tank is connected to the MIJIA APP via the cloud, feeding and temperature control anytime and anywhere, monitoring the quality of the water. Make fish farming easy, fish farming multiple fun, drive away the troubles of life.
-18 LED Chips, 16 Million Color Adjustable, Give Your Mood A Change Of Color
Contains 18 LED chips, can achieve 16 million kinds of color and brightness adjustment, but also can be switched to streamer mode, with lighting to add a touch of color to the mood.
-Amphibian Ecology Flowers & Fish Can Also Enjoy Together
The top of the fish tank is equipped with embedded flowerpot to realize the common life of keeping fish and flowers. The water in the fish tank can also be used by plants, keeping fish can also help you keep flowers.
-Ultra High Definition Glass, 4K Definition, Cinema Grade Experience
Using ultra-high-definition glass, bring more clear visual enjoyment, feel smooth, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, safe compression.
-12V-24V DC Safe Voltage, Power Off Memory Intelligent Recovery
Using 12V-24V DC design, voltage, current, heating are all-round security protection, to prevent children accidentally touch. Use More assured, increase power failure memory function, power failure restart automatically back to the state before power failure, sudden trip will not make fish hypoxia.
Material::White Glass, ABS casing
Color::Frosted white
Size::Exploration Edition:384*225*280MM
Amphibious Edition:384*306*370MM
Rated power:Exploration Edition:48W
Amphibious Edition:128W
Rated Voltage:Exploration Edition:12V
Amphibious Edition:24V
Package Includes
1 x Ai Fish Tank
(Exploration Edition for Fish tank, filter module, automatic feeder, heater, change water pipe, power adapter, instruction manual)
(Amphibious Edition for Fish tank, filter module, automatic feeding device, heating stick, changing water pipe, ecological flowerpot, power adapter, instruction book)
The number 1 option for Exploration Edition
The number 2 option for Amphibious Edition

Weight 4 kg


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If you want to wholesale the product,you can contact us get the wholesale price or more infomation.we can supply the product for wholesale & OEM.


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