In the MWC2018 conference held at the end of February, Samsung released the flagship Samsung S9/S9+, the flagship handset of the first half of this year. After the release of the two mobile phones, they attracted the attention of domestic and foreign media and users. Everyone sighed and said that Samsung once again took smartphones to new heights. However, when everyone was immersed in the joy of the S9, there was exposure of the foreign media to the results of Samsung’s Note9 running in the second half of the year.

Samsung Note9 Scores
Samsung Note9 Scores

In GeekBench run scores can be seen that this phone model is called SM-N960U, the reason is speculated that Samsung Note9 is mainly the following two points: First, this phone’s single-core run 2190 points, multi-core Run points 8806 points, and equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile platform; Second, the aircraft also runs Android 8.1 operating system and also comes with 6GB Ram, it is clear that this flagship configuration is only the second half of the Samsung Note9 can have.

In this MWC conference, Samsung Mobile’s head Kim Dong-hye also stated that Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby 2.0 will also be launched in the second half of the year and is not expected to be later than September. This time is also exactly the time for Samsung’s new fall conference. Therefore, Samsung Note9 is likely to be released together with Bixby2.0.

Of course, the above results have not been officially confirmed, so it does not rule out the possibility of a prototype. But to be sure, Samsung Note9 is definitely a product worth looking forward to, according to Samsung’s convention, the new black technology is natural and ultimately, so please wait and see Samsung powder.

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