Compared with Samsung, HTC, LG or Apple, the price of one plus its flagship handsets is often cheaper. However, it is undeniable that the annual increase in “flagship killer” prices are more and more expensive.

If you want to increase the price of one plus 6 to the current plus one plus 5T, you may be disappointed. The latest report shows that one plus six starts at $525 and the highest price is $700.

To be disappointed: the new flagship killer plus one price or more than one plus 5T

One Plus Phone

The cheapest is a 64GB version of One Plus 6, and the most expensive is the 256GB version, while the price of the moderate 128GB version is about $600.

In contrast, the price of a 5T 64GB version is $475, so the new machine or will rise about $50. After all, the new machine adopts the latest hardware and technology nowadays, so the price increase is extenuating.

So, is the truth of the facts true? We will also wait and see.

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