The news on the 3rd of the month will facilitate the pronunciation of foreign consumers, especially consumers from multilingual countries such as South Africa. Huawei’s name spelling “Huawei” will be renamed “Wahway”. This news has been confirmed by Huawei’s official Twitter account in South Africa.

Huawei’s spokesperson said: Huawei has long realized that many users in the world cannot send Huawei’s voice. According to a six-month survey conducted by China for 43 countries including South Africa, the combination of Huawei’s pronunciation and spelling will help Huawei develop worldwide and enhance the visibility of Huawei brands. .

Huawei also stated: “We believe that the change of Huawei’s name spelling is very important for multilingual countries such as South Africa. We hope that people living in these countries can call our brand names as easily as possible because they are loyal Consumer.”

It is reported that Huawei will publish specific details on the name change on its social media accounts.

WAHWAY Twitter
WAHWAY Twitter

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