Banggood is online store for electronics,clothing…,over 150000+ items on sale.

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How to order from banggood

1.First,you need a account on banggood!

How to create a new account on Banggood?

2.Login in your banggood account
As follows,of course,you can login in with your facebook,twitter,google,or VK account.

Banggood Login in with email

3.Login in banggood successful!
After your login in you account,you will redirect to the banggood website homepage,you can visit you account on the right top of the website page,just click “My Account” to visit it!

banggood my account
banggood my account

4.Order products from banggood
Find the products you want to order on Banggood,take one for example as follows:

banggood buy
banggood buy

if you just want to order one,just click the button ” Buy it Now “,buy more,you can cilck the “Add to cart” firstly.
you need to choose the item color or size before your click order button.

5.Banggood shopping cart
After you click the button “Buy it Now”,it will direct to banggood shopping cart.

banggood shopping cart
banggood shopping cart

At the main part of the shopping cart,you can select or remove the items from your shopping cart,and then change the shipping method.
At the right sidebar of the shopping cart,you can add new shipping address,change your payment method,and check out button.
6.Order successful
After you click the check out button of paypal,you will be redirect to paypal,and pay for banggood,when order success,then banggood will show as follows:

banggood order
banggood order

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