In last week’s WWDC2017, Apple officially launched the second iPad Pro generation,including 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch versions.Today, I make a review for the 10.5-inch new iPad Pro,compared the previous generation,tell you how much upgrade.

Ultra-narrow frame design has a better vision, but the fuselage size has also increased

10.5-inch iPad Pro with a new packaging design,ultra-narrow frame design has a better vision,and 9.7-inch front view is the fuselage side, highlighting the fuselage thin.

10.5-inch iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro Apple Logo moved to the top of the box and bold the font, not the same as the old version!

10.5-inch iPad Pro logo

Open the box,one 10.5-inch iPad Pro,also includes power adapter, data cable, Apple three packs of vouchers and documentation.

10.5-inch iPad Pro what is in the box

The new iPad Pro is equipped with a 10.5-inch 2224 × 1668 resolution display, pixel density of 264ppi. It gives the first view is the vision is very wide, which will benefit from the design of ultra-narrow frame and screen size to further expand.

10.5-inch iPad Pro display

Which put the 9.7-inch version together, this sense of vision is more obvious. However, it should be noted that, although the new use of a relatively narrow screen frame design, but there are still more obvious border, so the body size has increased accordingly.

10.5-inch iPad Pro frame

According to our measurement, the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro screen frame width about 6.5mm, while the 9.7-inch border is about 8.5mm,reduced by 2mm,very obvious.

10.5-inch iPad Pro vs frame
Some different from the new iPad Pro, looks like the 9.7-inch camera seems bigger.

10.5-inch iPad Pro camera

10.5-inch iPad Pro also retains the top of the 3.5mm headphone jack, other buttons and interface layout and the previous generation are basically the same.

10.5-inch iPad Pro headphone jack

But there is a little details, the new iPad Pro at the bottom of the dual speakers have 11 openings, the top of the dual speakers have 8 openings, while the previous generation is the bottom of the 12 openings, the top 7 openings,you can try to count the numbers.

10.5-inch iPad Pro details

As a productivity tool advertised iPad Pro,the new can not be used to connect Apple’s official keyboard accessories Smart Keyboard contacts.

10.5-inch iPad Pro jack

The new iPad Pro still has a slim body and lighter weight, its thickness is only 6.1mm, weighs 469g, relative to 12.9-inch “Big Brother” is still very portable.

10.5-inch iPad Pro weight

In addition, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s power adapter from the previous generation 10W replaced the charge faster 12W, the output parameters of 5.2V / 2.4A. But if you want to faster charging speed, or have to buy another MacBook 29W power adapter.

10.5-inch iPad Pro power adapter

Use iOS 11 for better

According to Apple’s propaganda, the new iPad Pro can do better. Even if it is simply as a tool of productivity, there are some improvements in the experience. But despite the release of the new iPad Pro,the two accessories Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard did not launch an iterative version, the latter according to the new 10.5-inch keyboard size of the adaptation.

First talk about Apple Pencil,still shameless pairing and charging methods. Remove the pen after the plug into the Lightning interface, the screen will prompt to open the Bluetooth pairing.

10.5-inch iPad Pro pencil

As the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the screen refresh rate and running memory on a substantial upgrade (2GB upgrade to 4GB), so whether it is the general interface switch, the main screen scroll, or use Apple Pencil for drawing have more smooth experience.

10.5-inch iPad Pro pencil remove

Apple Pencil with the new iPad Pro record notes is also very good, but its pre-installed iOS 10.3.2 system, can only rely on third-party applications. If you can match the screenshot of iOS 11, handwritten memos and other new features that will be better.

10.5-inch iPad Pro bluetooth

Another productivity accessories Smart Keyboard is also good. It is just a protective cover, and by folding the part of the contact with the fuselage of the connection, you can make iPad Pro transfiguration notebook products.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard

Test keyboard typing is still very smooth,there is no mechanical keyboard stronger feedback, but feel very comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the 10.5-inch Smart Keyboard also applies to the 9.7-inch version, which is more conscientious.Because of the difference in body size, left and right sides will reveal a length of the excess part.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard good

IPad Pro with Smart Keyboard for simple text,simple input is no problem, but if you often want to insert photos or videos, tell the truth that not as convenient as Windows.

Extreme level performance,the best iPad in the current market

At the same time, 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the performance of the upgrade is unequivocal, it can be the most powerful iPad in the current market.

The new iPad Pro equipped with A10X Fusion six core processor, integrated 12 core GPU, supplemented by embedded M10 coprocessor. A10X performance than the A9X and A10 performance should be more powerful, An rabbit rabbit run measured up to 211053 points, more than the previous generation of about 4-5 million points. But the rabbit seems to have not yet fit the new rabbit, the test finished a direct retreat, do not see the results.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard A10X

And Lu master, the score is 107,427 points, more than 2-3 million old section. From the results, A10X compared to the A9X,CPU part of the upgrade is particularly evident, and in the GPU part is about the same. Compared to 9.7-inch version, 10.5-inch rare in the custody and processor frequency is not castration.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard Score

As for the game, we test the “king glory”, with the big screen play and mobile phone have a different experience,the narrow border to join the screen to bring more impact , The frame rate is almost stable at 29-30fps, enough fluency.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard game

And the new iPad Pro four speakers loud speaker sound quality, and the previous generation is the difference is not particularly obvious. Is still real well, in the sound of bad house to adjust the volume to the highest,Guess that the neighbors will be complaints.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard music

Camera, the new iPad Pro provides 8MP +12MP combination, compared to the previous generation is almost no much upgrade. F / 1.8 large aperture in the macro to provide a good background blur effect, long-range shooting also has a good white balance and resolution, as a Tablet PC should be enough.

10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard photos flowers
10.5-inch iPad Pro smart keyboard phptos sky

Overall,10.5-inch iPad Pro is ideal for users who are looking for more productivity,the ultra-narrow borders and supreme performance will also appeal to a number of appearance associations, visions, and performance parties. And if you have already had an old iPad Pro before, unless the screen refresh rate, running memory and other parameters have hard requirements, upgrade the desire is not particularly large.

Do you think the new iPad Pro is able to replace the laptop?I think I will buy one to play it!

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